Who invented MAAS® Metal Polish?

Who invented MAAS® Metal Polish?

For years newspapers and magazines have been praising a polish formulated by a housewife in the USA. The articles report that Donna Maas grew frustrated with rubbing and scrubbing her silver, brass and other metals only to see them quickly become dull and tarnished again. Determined to put an end to her constant battle with tarnish, Donna formulated a metal cleaner and it transformed the industry.

Anita Gold, nationally syndicated columnist and expert on the restoration of antiques, calls MAAS (named after its inventor) “The best and most amazing polish in the world.” Ms. Gold wrote in her column, “A truly miraculous polish referred to as ‘miracle polish’ that’ll turn the most disastrous pieces into the most de-bright-ful, which cleans, restores, preserves and polishes to perfection any brass, copper, chrome, silver, stainless steel, aluminum, gold or any other metal with amazing results – no matter how badly stained, spotted, discoloured, weathered, dirty or dull they may be.”

"Since I had an old brass lamp in desperate need of restoration, this journalist decided to put MAAS to the test. The lamp had been stored in the garage and was in far worse condition than I remembered. I was flabbergasted as I watched the polish wipe away layers and years of tarnish. Never have I used anything so easy. The lamp actually looks better than when I purchased it. Better yet, months later it’s still glowing!

The polish worked so effortlessly, I decided to refurbish my mother’s antique brass and copper cookware. The badly stained pots and pans developed black spots that had been impossible to remove. MAAS wiped away years of built-up residue even from the most discoloured pieces. While polishing, I noticed MAAS applying a shine on the stainless steel sink. WOW! The shine is unbelievable and although I wash dishes every day, the shine keeps-on-shining. And it’s no longer covered with ugly water spots - water just rolls off the protective finish and down the drain.

How did a housewife come up with something the industry’s experts couldn’t?

The reporter in me had to find out.

During our interview Donna explained, “I enjoy the warmth that beautifully polished metals add to a home. However, not the hours it took to keep them tarnish free. The harsh cleaners left my hands dry and burning - one instant silver dip smelled so bad I felt sick. That’s when I became determined to find a better way to care for the metals in my home.” And that she did. Her formula developed with a chemist friend, has a mild scent and feels like a hand cream. It’s non-flammable, highly concentrated and leaves a deep, rich one-of-a-kind lustre beyond anything I’ve ever seen.

“To my surprise,” Donna reveals, “the formula far exceeded my original goal. MAAS completely renovated a sun-damaged fiberglass boat, removed residue from glass fireplace doors, polished up clouded crystal and glass vases, wiped scuffs and stains from linoleum – it even reconditioned a Plexiglas windshield". MAAS is now used in classic car clubs the world over. The restorations were so remarkable everyone suggested she sell her invention on television.

Donna sent samples of her polish to televised shopping channels who asked Donna to personally appear on TV to demonstrate her product. Within minutes of Donna’s first appearance the phones lit up with hundreds waiting on line to place their orders. As soon as viewers saw how effortlessly MAAS removed tarnish, stubborn spots, and stains from the piles of badly oxidised metals on stage – MAAS hit big time. 17,000 viewers called during MAAS’ debut and encore performances quickly brought a million dollars in record-breaking.

MAAS has been a household favourite in the UK for over 10 years now, so on behalf of the hundreds of thousands of enthusiasts, collectors and British people who just enjoy the warmth of beautifully polished and restored metals. To those who have yet to discover MAAS, finally you can restore every metal and more to its original beauty with MAAS easy wipe-on, wipe-off, no-wait polish.

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