What our customers have to say

"Thank you so much for your help and service. It has been excellent and so rarely given these days" 
Cheryl, March 24 / MAAS® Liquid Metal Polish

"Superb cleaner"
C. Parker, Feb 24 / MAAS® Liquid Metal Polish

"Great product just been using for first time today. It was recommend to me, really pleased with the results, clean to work with and no black mess. Perfect timing as I am in the process of restoring a solid brass Victorian chandelier. Thanks for a good product"
Keith, Feb 24 / MAAS® Metal Polish, Original Cremè Formula

"In my opinion the proper way to polish chrome and and aluminium on a classic car is to use a top quality restorative Metal Polish such as MAAS Metal Polish. In fact MAAS is so effective in restoring tarnished metals that it leaves your car looking like you just drove out of the factory!"
Michael, Oct 23 / MAAS® Metal Polish, Original Cremè Formula
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